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Welcome to KnifeologyCustomKnives.com, a website devoted to the enjoyment of collecting custom knives. It is a place for me to display some of my collection and share my passion for the hobby of collecting custom knives.

This is sort of a sister site to Knifeology.com which is my commercial site for selling custom knives. I started this site because Knifeology.com was experiencing growing pains and I felt it appropriate to seperate the sales from the collecting. Clicking on one of the Hyperlinks or the Knives for Sale @ Knifeology.com button on the margin of this page will take you to the Knifeology site.

On this site you will find what I feel are some of the finest custom knives from the best custom makers. Within this site you will also find thoughts on subjects such Knife Collecting, Knife Care, Knife Values, Engraving and Evaluating Custom Knives. I am open to suggestions for other subjects of interest and contributions so please feel free to contact me.

I am not interested in selling the knives pictured on this site. However, if you must, please feel free to make a ridiculusly generous offer and I may consider it.

Please enjoy your visit to KnifeologyCustomKnives.com.




Mark Strauss

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