Two great names that are no longer with us; Corbet R Sigman and Daniel Wilkerson. This piece, Skeleton Forge, is a rare treasure. The fit & finish on this knife is superb. The gold-lip pearl is exhibition grade. The engraving is amazing .... please look at the detail in the pictures below.

blade length: 3 1/16" ............................... closed: 3 13/16" ....................... overall length: 6 15/16"


Corbet Sigman

He was a master of both fixed blades and folders; he was most famous for his unique collector-grade fixed blades. He turned to folders later in his career and became an accomplished master of that genre as well.

Sigman folders have flawless fit and finish. Corbet did not make a large number of folders, but as with his fixed blades there was a waiting list for delivery that was measured in years. Sigman passed away on August 5, 2006

Dan Wilkerson

Although he made his living engraving high-quality knives, he also practiced painting, drawing and sculpture. His work had been compared to that of famous Northern Renaissance artists. His artwork sometimes had a dark quality — with fantastic images of skulls, knives and such.

Wilkerson was largely self-taught; he suffered from bipolar disorder and depression. There were times when he couldn’t work and he was once hospitalized for his illness. Wilkerson, of Lynchburg VA, died in 2003 at age 41. Home

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